The Artist

Stone Sculpture Artist

Mickey Mayla is a stone sculpture artist. He creates beautiful, awesome stone artwork made of onyx, travertine, and/or marble.

Carving stone is hard, dirty work involving noisy tools;

  • electric angle grinders mounted with diamond saw blades
  • grinding wheels,
  • pneumatic hammers
  • chisels
  • files

Mickey carves directly into a block of stone.  The stone’s shape and colors inspire the art piece he’ll create. He makes no preliminary models. As he works directly on the stone, Mickey has a vision in his mind for the art piece to sculpture.

Stone may seem cold to most people, but the sensory joy experienced from feeling a polished stone is unique. Mickey’s work allows you to feel a tactile three-dimensional connection through the sense of touch.

Mickey strives to create artistic pieces to:

  • seduce your eye
  • stir the soul
  • entice you to touch.

He carves the details of each art piece without sacrificing its flowing, graceful lines.  Mickey’s stone artwork constantly looks different by the affects of day and night, seasons and even locations in your home.