Q.   Where do you get your stones and what kind are they?

A.   I search worldwide looking for various types of natural stone and depending on where it is quarried will correlate to the colors that can be found within the stone.   

Q.   Do you know what you're going to make before you start?

A.   No.  I wait for the stone to speak to me – to tell me what I should create.

Q.   How do you get the stone so smooth?

A.    I use varying grades of sandpaper.

Q.   How did you learn to carve stone?

A.   I was able to find a mentor who was willing to teach me old school methods;  it was grueling to learn to carve directly into stone by trial and error with a hammer and chisel.  I appreciate this rustic method and continue to use it today.  I keep the traditional method in place and use power tools only as necessary, I still seek to carve quality versus quantity.  My skills have grown over time, through practice and passion to think outside the box.

Q.   How long does it take to finish a piece?

A.   It depends on many factors; based on the type of stone, its size and the subject matter.  It can take several months to finish a sculpture, while many of the functional pieces can be finished within a week or so. For commission work, it can take a long time to find the 'right' stone.