The unique patterns and colors of onyx, marble and travertine are natural materials formed by Mother Nature. Their unique visual appeal makes them ideal works of art bringing a touch of nature’s beauty to your home or office.  With proper care, these stone art pieces will retain their natural beauty forever.  

  •        Keep onyx stone inside your home or office and away from direct sunlight.  

  •       Never use harsh abrasives such as Pledge, Windex, or soap to clean the piece.
  •       Use only energy saver cool lightbulbs with stone art pieces that light. 

Ways to clean

  •  Wipe with a slightly wet, soft cloth to remove dust particles.  Keeping the stone dust free, will prevent dust particles from scratching its finish or dulling its polish.
  •  Apply a light coating of sesame or mineral oil with a soft cloth, and then let it air dry.
  •  Use specialized stone cleaning products for natural stone such as granite or marble. Always follow directions on the product to avoid harming the finish.

     Ideas if stone is able to be used functionally


    Fresh Flowers

            Use a container that fits into the art piece.  Fill it with water and add the flowers.  


         Use a barrier such as plastic wrap or shaved ice between the food and art piece.

    •      Line the art piece with lettuce to be used for soft or cut-up cheese.
    •      Dollies placed on the art piece can be used for a dessert tray.

    Never place acidic foods on the stone such as: tomato, vinegar, avocado, mustard, tea, lemon or lime

    Floating Candles

        Fill the art piece with water and float candles. Remove the water after use and wipe the art piece dry.